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Want to become a contributor to Substream? 

If so please send no more than two music related writing samples (interviews, reviews, editorials) to [email protected].

While this is a volunteer opportunity, our writers gain invaluable experience to help build their resumes and further develop their writing and interviewing skills on a national level.

Requirements for Substream contributors:
-Be comfortable doing both in person and over the phone interviews.
-Have the means to record clearly both in person and over the phone interviews for later transcription done by you (this means a dependable recorder or phone app).
-Have a wide range of musical and media interest and be able to tackle assignments perhaps outside your usual taste.

Tips for writers to keep in mind:
-Do your research. Know the band and latest happenings inside and out while writing your interview questions. You want to search for the most interesting points that a band or company has going on currently and in the immediate future.
-Do not ask cliché questions or questions that reveal you HAVEN’T done any research. Think of it this way; “Can I find the answer to this question by Googling it?”  If the answer is yes, do not ask that question.
-It is a privilege to have the opportunity to speak with these people. They are taking time out of their busy schedules to answer our questions and make our magazine more informative and enjoyable. We want our writers to be informed and speak intelligently on their chosen assignments. This is why we avoid questions such as the following:

What does your band name mean?
What is your live show like?
What does your music sound like?
What is your name and what do you play in the band?
What’s your dream tour?
What is spinning on your ipod currently?

*These are filler questions and they do not belong in a music journalist’s vocabulary.

Want to contribute live photos to Substream Music Press?
Send us a link to your portfolio. We use photos both for online purposes and sometimes in print. You will be given a photo credit in print. For online use, you will be given a photo credit and a link to your chosen portfolio.

Unsigned band submission info
Are you an unsigned act that would like a chance to be featured in Substream Music Press? Simply send a short introduction of your act along with a Facebook link to your music to [email protected].